Choice for PM – People’s Alliance, NFP give Rabuka the nod

People's Aliance party leader Sitiveni Rabuka and NFP leader, Professor Biman Prasad in Lautoka. Picture: REPEKA NASIKO

Sitiveni Rabuka is the People’s Alliance party and the National Federation Party’s choice for prime minister should they win the 2022 General Election. The former PM revealed this when questioned during a campaign meeting in Lautoka yesterday.

Mr Rabuka said NFP leader Professor Biman Prasad’s willingness to work with him was similar to that of former party leader Jai Ram Reddy in 1997 when the two parties agreed to formulate the 1997 Constitution.

However, he said, ultimately it was the people who had the power to vote them into governmen.

“We have the people, you are the numbers, you have the power,” he said.

“You give us your vote, transferring the power to us, we will do everything that God has given us the ability to do to work for you.”

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