Editorial comment – Drawing battle lines

A Fijian family in Australia are all set for the general elections after being registered to vote. Picture: FEO

So now that we have the Fijian Elections Office on its overseas voter registration drive, things are looking interesting with elections looming.

Earlier this month we reported that 17 new eligible voters were registered to vote for the 2022 General Elections at the first day of registrations conducted throughout Australia.

The Fijian Elections Office recorded 86 engagements – 17 new eligible voters and 69 voters upgraded to the latest blue VoterCard during the registration drive.

The FEO teams later provided voter services to 198 Fijians on Day 2 of the Voter Registration Drive in Australia.

They were stationed at a number of venues including Kangaroo Point Uniting Church in Brisbane, the Fiji High Commission in Canberra and at the Swan Hill SDA Church Hall in Melbourne.

Voters in Australia could register or upgrade to the latest VoterCard at any of these centres highlighted by the teams which are scheduled to return home on May 26.

We also reported that teams from the FEO were also scheduled to leave for New Zealand on May 19 to conduct voter registration.

The FEO teams were expected to travel to venues in Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington and were expected to conclude their registration drive on Wednesday, May 25.

Clearly we are heading into what is slowly building up to be a very interesting period this year.

There is excitement and great anticipation in the air. You can see, and feel political parties are gearing up for the polls. It is encouraging to see the FEO playing its part in paving the way to our 2022 elections.

The battle lines, it seems, are drawn as parties slowly pick up the tempo.

Obviously there will be differing views on issues affecting our country.

We may differ in what we hold dear to our hearts. However, there will no doubt be contentious issues that are difficult to shrug aside altogether. It is interesting to note this on the national front now playing out before us all.

That’s politics for you! While there is no clear indication of an election date, the onus now is on the voter to lap up as much information as possible.

This is when views will matter, and responses are considered and analysed.

There will be attention on the pulse of the nation so to speak, and how people are responding to everyday issues and how they are coping under the circumstances.

We have an opportunity to be aware of the various views on offer, the suggestions by the various political parties, their plans, and their hopes and aspirations.

The lead up work by stakeholders ideally should culminate in an election that allows every voter to make an informed choice on poll day.

What we have now is a scenario that should culminate with voters marching into polling centres and making that choice, with confidence!

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