‘FijiFirst here for all Fijians’

Fiji First party leader Voreqe Bainimarama and FFP president Adi Tema Varo at the opening of the party's new Nadi office. Picture: BALJEET SINGH

FijiFirst is here for all Fijians, says party leader Voreqe Bainimarama. While opening the party’s new Nadi branch yesterday, he said the party had proven itself to be the party for all despite what opposing politicians had said.

“For the FijiFirst also means treating every Fijian every citizen equally and looking after them all which reverses empathy versus compassion,” he said.

“FijiFirst will not lie to you to win your vote.

“FijiFirst will not promise you anything that it does not intend to keep. “It will not divide people along ethnic, religious and provincial lines to win votes.”

Mr Bainimarama said other parties had been trying to win over voters with lies.

“FijiFirst will not promise to make laws just to please only a few to win votes that will lead to the undermining of our socio-economic stability like Rabuka is planning to do.

“FijiFirst will not go around spreading misinformation about poverty and transparency like Biman and Chaudhry.

“I don’t know which parts of their bodies they are pulling out these figures from.”

He said the party’s participation in the upcoming general election was critical.

“Our participation in the upcoming election is critically important.

“The elections as you know can be held anywhere from the middle of July to early January 2023.

“As yet an election date has not been decided but we as the FijiFirst government will continue to govern until the elections to provide the decisive and strong leadership, provide the stability that is critically required in a growing unstable world driven by pandemics and wars.”

He said they were willing to continue their work they had been committed to for over 15 years.

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