From the Editor-in Chief’s desk: Your May 21 briefing




Again, a lot of interesting news came in today.

We started off the day though with a training session for the news team on Mojo or mobile journalism. It was very interesting and enlightening, and was followed by a lovely breakfast. All part of the learning process as we gear up for the looming elections and major sporting events!

  •  In the Fiji Times’ edition for Saturday, May 21, we have a wraparound which focuses on our campaign in the World Rugby 7s Series in France.

That’s the special edition!

  •  The big one on The Fiji Times front page is about former PM Sitiveni Rabuka urging Fijians to change with him.
  • Former MP Niko Nawaikula was sentenced to jail.
  • HUMAN rights advocate Shamima Ali says she is not looking for an election ticket. She said she had no intention of standing in the 2022 General Election because she did “a better job outside Parliament” in terms of “holding everyone accountable”.

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For your weekend reading, we have a lineup of interesting features and opinions.

  • PAGE 12 – A “Moana” moment for manifestos


THE well known Moana Disney animation carried that catchy tune, immortalised by Opetaia Foa’i and Lin-Manuel Miranda, called “We know the way”. Regretfully, however, where this Government is concerned, they are paddling around in circles while on a leaky punt under perpetual darkness with no stars in the sky to guide them, when it comes to the Manifesto rules.

  • PAGE 30 – A new era for jobs in Australia


ALL Fiji jobseekers should closely watch the results of the 2022 Australian Elections unfolding on the May 21, 2022, and hope for a clear win by the Australian Labour Party as the polls are predicting. In the last few months, former Fiji citizens living in Australia will have seen an extraordinary turnaround in Australian political attitudes towards allowing Pacific Islanders (including Fijians) to work in Australia, holding great hope for their relatives and others in Fiji.

  •  PAGES 32-33 – Sacrifices of our forefathers


THE sacrifices of our forefathers during the first two world wars and the Malayan campaign, has allowed us to live peacefully in this country we call home.

  •  PAGE 34 – Leaving no one behind


BULA readers! I was interested in reading about the Government announcement informing us that poverty is reducing in Fiji, which is great news if this is correct.

  •  PAGE 35 – Animal welfare


SOME people know the sign (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA)) out front in Walu Bay, others may just notice it now with this article – but here is some of what happens behind that sign and that bamboo wall.

  •  PAGE 36 – A tribute to Dr Va


WHEN you take a walk in the garden early in the morning, you will come across some mesmerising flowers that you hope will not wilt.

  • PAGE 38 – Rugby treat for fans

By Rajnesh Lingam

THIS weekend, fans will be in for a 7s treat as the Toulouse 7s kicks off. Fiji missed out on the second leg in Spain, but made an impact in the third leg in Singapore and Vancouver as Ben Gollings’ men finished first and second, respectively.

  • PAGE 40 – Fiji’s Girmit history


FIJI recognised the 143rd anniversary of girmit as never before in recent history, marking the arrival of Indian indentured workers in Fiji on May 14, 1879.

  •  PAGE 42 – Cybersecurity standards


A VERY common question I get asked by C-level executives, and most IT-savvy individuals such as young professionals, is obviously “what are the cybersecurity standards or laws that I or our staff/organisation should adhere to?”


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