Last year was a good year for service provider

An aerial shot of the Suva port in Fiji. Picture: FILE

The year 2021 was a good year for Aon (Fiji) and for its clients despite the challenges presented by COVID, according to general manager Steve Vincent.

He said there were no major cyclone events in Fiji last year, which was a big risk factor for the company as it caused the most damage.

“Because we have a lot of people having to work remotely through lock downs, that caused less regular claim events such car crashes and things like that,” he said.

“Some of our clients were still dealing with claims events from the past cyclone events and its going to take a little while to try and go through it.”

Mr Vincent said during the pandemic they got caught up with the same issues as a lot of other businesses were facing in terms of curfew issues and working from home which presented as a challenge for some staff.

“As a business, we are reasonably equipped to deal with the remote working, as more connectivity becomes a challenge for some of our staff but the business performed very well.

“We were able to still look after our clients albeit from a distance point of view, rather than face to face type.”

He said operations which involved seeing clients or visiting clients premises were more challenging as well.

He said in 2022, the company was focused on being able to fully operate from the offices and reconnect with their clients.

“It’s about reconnecting with the clients, going and seeing them and talking about the business, and the challenges they might be facing and working with them through their insurance programs.

“And our business is very much face to face and this is an opportunity for us to meet all the clients again, after the lockdown, reconnect with them, introduce myself, introduce my colleagues from New Zealand, and allow my team to meet with the clients.”

Mr Vincent said Aon (Fiji) dealt with commercial clients, property owners, clients who ran staff health programs as well as small business to name a few.

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