Letters to the Editor – Monday, May 16, 2022

Naitasiri's Filimoni Waqainabete comes in to tackle Nadi's Tevita Belo during their match in the Skipper Cup competition at Prince Charles Park in Nadi. Picture: REINAL CHAND

Sweet victory

HEARTIEST congratulations Jacks Nadi for that nail-biting 32 – 31 Skipper Cup victory over previously unbeaten Naitasiri on home soil in Prince Charles Park. Gutsy finish by gallant Naitasiri coming from behind 7-24 to almost over-run Nadi. Jacks Nadi proudly takes this sweet victory. Vina du riki vo na leda saravou. RONNIE CHANG Martintar Nadi Nadi upsets Naitasiri I MARVELED at the way the Jetsetters set their game plan and upset the unbeaten Highlanders at Prince Charles Park. Nadroga came close to beating the Inkk Farebrother-Sullivan Trophy, but missed out by two points (27-29). Despite being marred by red and yellow cards, both sides displayed a brand of rugby that kept the fans entertained, and the hosts had the last laugh, winning 32-31. I also compliment the Stallions for defeating a tough Namosi outfit 32-29 at Thompson Park. This was a much-needed win for the Stallions who are reeling from the loss of the Skipper Cup and the Inkk Farebrother-Sullivan Trophy. RAJNESH ISHWAR LINGAM Balgovind Rd, Nadawa, Nasinu

Drua and football

I BELIEVE Fiji football has a lot to learn from Fijian Drua’s participation in the Super Rugby competition. Fiji football could also adopt a similar approach and can be part of the A-league competition. While it is good to see that attempts are being made to develop grass roots football, in order to remain competitive at international level we need to be playing in a competition that has a professional setup and is much higher in standard. I honestly believe, if we are serious about making a mark in football at the international stage then we have to start planning now and the Drua model is a good example for our football administrators to learn from. PRANIL RAM Votualevu, Nadi

Welfare cheat

“MAN with 37 land titles receiving welfare help” ( FT 12/5 ). It’s good FIU caught up with the welfare cheat. How did he manage to get on welfare in the first place? What was the quality of the welfare background check? This case of an apparently wealthy man accessing state welfare assistance just goes to show there will always be the shamelessly greedy in our midst. Wonder how many genuinely poor missed out on welfare support because of this greedy man’s fraud? RAJEND NAIDU (Former Assistant Director of Social Welfare, Fiji) Sydney, Australia

India trip

THERE is a lot of speculation about the reasons for Rabuka’s sudden visit to India. His party has not made things easier by their ever-changing stories about the visit. My personal take on the matter is that he simply ran away so that he was not going to be in Fiji on 14 May to “face the music”. I am not surprised. Question is, how long and how far is he going to run? JAN NISSAR NSW, Australia

Power outages

SOME of us are experiencing planned power outages as others did last Sunday. During the week we had a serious unplanned power outage. Are the planned power outages planned to help cope with the unplanned outages. Or are the unplanned outages simply resulting from the series of planned outages. On another note EFL offered the option of becoming minor shareholders. Are shareholders entitled a small glimpse of the audited financials of an organisation – was our inability to do so planned or unplanned? DR RICHARD BEYER Pacific Harbour

Luvedra Na Ratu and girimitiya

MAY 14 marks another important date in our Fijian calendar when for the first time our Girmitiya descendants or otherwise known as the Luvedra na Ratu will be commemorating the Syria wreck in 1884 to mark Girmit Day at Naivilaca Village Hall, Noco, Rewa at the invitation of the Turaga na Tui Daunoco, Matanikoro 2, Navilaca, Usaia Buluwabu. To those of us who watched the live church service, we were amazed that an I-Taukei woman with fluent Hindi accent speaker was leading the sermon and even praying in Hindi language. What an excellent program. I would like to acknowledged the two prominent women leaders of NGOs – Shamima Ali of FWCC and Sashi Singh of Friend Fiji – and NFP members and others who have worked tirelessly to reach this far including the vanua of Rewa, Marama Bale Na Roko Tui Dreketi and her subjects. While we have so many critics as expected via social media against the organisers of this event, the sad reality is that these critics cannot volunteer their time and resources to organise such an event by coming forward. I wish all families and friends of girimitiya descendants a happy Girmit Day even though it came late because there was no The Fiji Times print on Saturday (14/05/22). JIOJI M CAKACAKA Tadra, Votualevu, Nadi

Progressive Fiji

WE are in the 143rd year of commemoration of the first arrival of the girmitiya in Fiji. Let us all move forward in unity and make our nation more progressive and dynamic for the peaceful coexistence with multiracial ethnicity side by side for a bigger and brighter future for our vibrant nation, Fiji. Let’s not dwell with “doctor frog’s philosophy” but look at the ocean of opportunities that we can create as philanthropic and loving citizens of our beautiful Fiji. We are now in the modern history of Fiji, are all Fijians and let us work together with one another in the true spirit of brotherhood to make our nation a paragon in the hub of the Pacific. Like a garden full of different flowers with varying sweet fragrance, making a paradise where the sun opens the lotus of dispassion, moon that brings joy to the ocean of wisdom, wind that disperses the clouds of ignorance and sin, and eradicates the threefold agony and wipes off calumny and obloquy. Yes, there is no denying the fact that the atrocities and hardship undergone by our forefathers is unbearable and beyond imagination, however, the trees of hard labour planted by them are now full of mellow fruits that we can enjoy and thrive and share the beauty with other ethnic groups to reciprocate in harmony in the land of diversity and freedom given by the supreme law of the land. Thanks to the robust leaders of past and present that made the provision in the constitution for everyone to enjoy the rights and liberty with respect and honour , embracing each and every body to express and practice their freedom without bondage and discrimination and with absence of threat and fear in the land of milk and honey! In the years to come, let’s make Fiji a progressive nation, a great melting pot of unique and distinct, a lively and spirited nation overflowing with vibrant cultures and dynamic stories of each and everyone to accept and celebrate the epitome and ideals of every ethnicity in the golden realm of Fiji. For the love and charisma and to make a progressive Fiji, let us endeavour to sprinkle petals of kindness on the pathway of one another, reaching the pinnacle in the history of Fiji! SHIU KUMAR NARAYAN Yalalevu, Ba

Girmit Day

I COMPLIMENT the people’s newspaper for the souvenir piece on Girmit Day. Although it came a day late, it was wonderful piece of reading literature. It was on May 14, 1879, that the Leonidas arrived in Levuka with 522 Indian indentured labourers. Life in sugarcane farms of Fiji was tough, because it was in these plantations, where exploitative living conditions prevailed with little respect for basic human rights and dignity. The food and medical attention were inadequate for most of the period, and so was the living space made available to each individual. Hence, Girmit Day was commemorated to honour the sacrifices and struggles of indentured labourers. The day honoured and remembered the girmitiya, their dreams, their hardship, and their lives, which have beyond doubt positively influenced our today. I pay tribute to the sacrifice and contribution of the girmitiya towards nation-building in Fiji. Their journey is the story of tragedy, as well as great hope. They are a shining example of survival, solidarity, sacrifice and service. RAJNESH ISHWAR LINGAM Balgovind Rd, Nadawa, Nasinu

Impact of coups

I BELIEVE the pursuit of power in 2006 by Voreqe Bainimarama robbed the late Laisenia Qarase and Sodelpa of the right to manage the country for another fiver-year term. The country now has the highest national debt since independence. Fijians I believe are united in common purpose of building a better Fiji with a government that consults and listen to the people. Change is the buzz word in all corridors and change will happen after the next election. DAN URAI Lautoka

Human cost

UKRAINIAN military authorities say several hundred bodies of Russian soldiers have been collected and stored in refrigerated rail cars ready to be returned to Russia according to the norms of international humanitarian law (FT 15/5, Reuters 15/5 ). Did Russia’s megalomaniac ruler Putin think there would be no cost of Russian lives in his war of invasion? The megalomaniac ruler had clearly miscalculated the resolve of Ukraine to defend itself against the aggressor. How many more Russian soldiers will lose their lives in this unnecessary war? Will Ukraine become another Afghanistan military misadventure for Russia? RAJEND NAIDU Atlantic Blvd, Glenfield, Sydney, NSW

Drua vs Chiefs

IT’S pleasing to note that tickets to the Fijian Drua and Chiefs battle at Churchill Park are selling fast. After the success of the clash at ANZ Stadium, fans are eagerly waiting for another mouth-watering treat in the Sugar City. The Drua produced a huge performance on Saturday, beating the Moana Pasifika 34-19, and the boys are expected to play their hearts out against the Chiefs in front of their ardent and staunch supporters and loved ones. The fans at the ANZ Stadium were good ambassadors and they painted a beautiful picture and fans in the West will want to take advantage of watching the Drua live and cheer hard for them. The Drua will need every ounce of strength from the fans off the field as this will boost their performance. This week Friday, the Drua faces the mighty Crusaders in Christchurch, and all we can ask the boys is to repeat the heroic performance delivered against the Blues which had nine All Blacks! RAJNESH ISHWAR LINGAM Balgovind Rd, Nadawa, Nasinu

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