Letters to the Editor – Sunday, May 22, 2022

The Fiji Times Sports editor Rodney Duthie, left, acting deputy editor The Sunday Times John Kamea and Paula Tuvuki the deputy chief sub editor. Picture: ELIKI NUKUTABU

New appointments

Congratulations to Rodney Duthie, Paula Tuvuki and John Kamea on their new appointments by Fiji Times Pte Ltd (FT 22/5). Very well deserved appointments which will no doubt further enhance the premier Fiji newspaper’s status given their wealth of media knowledge and experience. Rajend Naidu Sydney, Australia

Town councillors

Can the ratepayers be told why we can’t have our own town councillors? I just found out the special administrators are being paid more for a part time job. Sukha Singh Labasa

Can’t tolerate criticism

Let me be frank. My reading of PM Voreqe Bainimarama’s castigation of women’s rights advocate Shamima Ali (FT 21/5) shows the man does not really have a democratic bent. I am sure the people of Fiji know his true political bent. Rajend Naidu Sydney, Australia

Drua final game

The Drua final game homecoming in Lautoka against the mighty Gallaher Chiefs… toso Drua toso, lave mai na rara, kon roki, koi roko sa soko! Apart from the big game the talanoa and the tanoa will shake the roofs ko cei sa cagilaba all the way. One request Allen the pioneer Lautokan can we consider a song or poem to respect the Drua? Raymond the King of Golf a refresher at the course and Dan the man, a walk in the park or Marine Drive? These gentlemen have all proven the talk under the ivi tree vinaka. Shalwyn Prasad Mukta Ben Place Nabua, Suva

FTUC Biennial Congress!

I attended the Fiji Trades Union Congress Biennial Congress as a delegate of Fiji Teachers Union. It was a pleasure to rub shoulders with veteran unionists like Daniel Urai, Felix Anthony and Agni Deo Singh. The FTUC Biennial was organised at Tanoa International Hotel and attended well by the delegates. Healthy deliberations took place. The delegates learned so much and I’m sure are aware of workers, their rights and issues they are facing. The chief guest — the ILO Pacific director Matin Karimli also delivered a powerful and inspirational message. When the FTUC Biennial Congress concluded, members went home satisfied. As I attended the congress, I reflected on my role as the past president of the FTUC Youth Wing. My team spent time organising and communicating information to revive the trade union movement. The FTUC Youth and Women’s Wings are doing their best to organise activities for the membership at grass root level and I thank them for doing their part. The FTUC board management is also thanked for their role! Rajnesh Ishwar Lingam Nadawa, Nasinu

Prizes offered

I have mostly scooped the “Letter of the Week” for the past several years and the prizes offered are no doubt enticing. Last week was no exception and I was again declared a victor through telephone by a friendly Motibhai staff member. She then kindly requested me to redeem my prize (a set of uniball pens as usual) at a Prouds outlet of my convenience. While I unreservedly appreciate the attractive rewards gesture, may I kindly suggest to Motibhai to perhaps consider offering a different prize for the Letter of the Month category? The pens are getting boring now and with the amount of ballpoints that I have accumulated over the years, I could perhaps open up a stationery shop. Since I’m a proud and a self-declared foodie, it would be heavenly if I could be offered a food voucher as an alternative so I could either relish a bacon breakfast at Burger King or scoff a serve of scrumptious Fish and Chips at Zig Zag Café. “Food” for thought? Nishant Singh Lautoka

Fiji on track

The Fiji Airways men’s 7s team has already qualified for the Toulouse 7s Cup quarter-finals after winning the first two pool matches. First they thrashed Kenya 29-5, then they whipped Wales 19-0. The Fiji v France encounter will decide the pool winner and runner-up. Our women’s team, Fijiana, made a rather impressive start by thumping USA 26-12 in their first pool match. Later, they went down to the Aussies 31-21. Debutant Reapi Uluinasau made an elegant try against USA and landed two more tries successfully against Australia. Lavenia
Cavuru’s conversion skills are just awesome. Fijiana’s inclusion in the Cup quarters depends on their performance against South Africa. Hopes are still alive as both our sevens teams are on track for gold in France this weekend. Toso Viti! DINESH KUMAR Ba

Farebrother challenge

WITH reference to the double-header, (I think), gutsy challengers Northland deserve 10 out of 10 for their sterling effort in their 6-10 loss to holders Naitasiri
So near, yet so far away. The champs were very lucky two early penalties to Northland did not find the uprights. Congrats Naitasiri for a successful defence of Fiji’s “Holy Grail” — the Farebrother Trophy. Commiserations Northland. Voleka saraga. Sa totoka na qito. RONNIE CHANG Martintar, Nadi

Scurrying to Nadi for votes

I read with disgust and anger in your FT 18/05/22, (Pg 5) when former MP, Prem Singh mentioned that some government ministers were scurrying to Nadi lately, because of the significant number of Indo-Fijian voters here. Where were these ministers during the first and second wave of the COVID-19? Lately I believe the Minister for Agriculture mentioned something about making adjustments for Fijian families’ budget. Will he contribute by giving part of his hefty salary to these Fijian families? Where is the FijiFirst Government boom to at least cushion the increase in prices for Fijian families? Now you think you have the decency to come to Nadi to look for voters because your term in Parliament is coming to an end? I would urge all aspiring politicians of any political parties coming to campaign in Nadi, to at least bring some groceries and give it to FRIEND Fiji, at their Navakai, Nadi office, who will then distribute it to families that are in need. We don’t want to listen to long speeches with so many promises but rather prefer if they bring us basic food items. You “walk the talk” mada once and for all? We are sick and tired of sweet talk and only coming to see us when there is an election? Jioji M Cakacaka Tadra, Votualevu, Nadi

Election campaign

ACCORDING to what we have seen throughout the week, and the way campaign is gaining momentum it appears the election may be a few weeks away. The western districts were dominated by a few political parties. On one hand the ruling FijiFirst party was seen moving from school to school in government vehicles talking to students and parents, on the other the coalition of The People’s Alliance and the National Federation Party was seen addressing their supporters from Sigatoka to Vatukoula and Ra. One difference I have seen was the coalition was well-organised with getting their supporters for their meetings, and the FijiFirst not getting their supporters together but moving to schools or temples where puja was being organised by devotees. This looked odd to me where ordinary people in settlements are made to mix religion and politics. As it is at the moment, I believe the real tussle is between the current rulers the FijiFirst and the coalition of The People’s Alliance and NFP. Looking at the turnout at their meetings it appeared to me the coalition has the edge and may be leading. They addressed the matured audiences and the 12 provisional candidates announced by The People’s Alliance in their Ba meeting was very impressive. These candidates took turns to go to the microphone to introduce themselves and delivered short speeches. Nearly all of them performed well and appeared to be better than most of our sitting MPs. Very interesting and exciting days are ahead as we are approaching the main election day. VIJAY MAHARAJ Sydney, Australia

Champions of our nation!

I commend The Fiji Times for the inspirational back cover of the wrap page (20/05)! The back page had the colourful picture of the mighty Fijiana, which crushed hopes and aspirations of the champion NSW Waratahs and wrested the Super W Cup from the defending and four-time champions. We ended their unbeaten run. The famous Rooster logo, which sponsored the Fijiana, also stood out. The words, ‘Pride, flair and respect’ added flair, while the messages, ‘Break the bias’ and ‘Empowering women’ are timely and critical, echoing the need to treat our men’s and women’s sporting teams equally. Memories from the Super W will remain etched in our hearts for years. Vinaka vakalevu Fijiana Drua and thank you The Fiji Times for reinforcing the vibrant messages via the medium of sports! Just like the victorious Fijiana Drua, which reigned after the torrid and tough battle, The Fiji Times is also the champion of our nation! RAJNESH ISHWAR LINGAM
Nadawa, Nasinu

Facebook page

THE A-G has requested Fijians to access the Government’s Facebook page to learn the so-called truth. But wasn’t he the same A-G who at one time told Fijians not to believe everything you read on social media, specifically FB? Oliei! Somebody jog my (or his) memory! NISHANT SINGH Lautoka

Catalyst for change

OUR youngest son, who’s also a DJ here in Melbourne, introduced his mamma to Spotify. He set up the app so she’s able to program her favourite songs in different categories. OK, it’s not my thing because I’m not very technically savvy (or that’s my story), but she absolutely loves searching for songs and putting together her favourite play lists. Recently she introduced me to a song by Michael Kiwanuka called, Cold Little Heart. The genuine rawness of this delightfully touching song from this British born Ugandan singer/songwriter will lift your spirit. His amazing piece was the theme song for that stirring US TV series, Big Little Lies, with an amazing cast featuring Nicole Kidman, Reese Witherspoon, Laura Dern, Meryl Streep and many other exquisite stars. If you get the chance please listen to the song because it tells a remarkable story of breaking free from the chains of low self-esteem and feelings of doubt that many of us experience at different stages of our lives. And if you’re anything like me, you’ll most probably play the song over and over again without getting tired of it. Man, it’ll go straight into your soul and begin pressing beautiful buttons telling you that you are worth more than you think you are. Share it with your friends because you just never know how it might become the catalyst for change in someone’s life. Enjoy. COLIN DEOKI Australia

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