Letters to the Editor – Tuesday, May 17, 2022

A reader looks at The Sunday Times. Picture: ATU RASEA

Without the brand!

Tui’s method I found Tui Rakuita’s article in The Sunday Times very interesting. His analysis of the men who are seeking the top position of power in the coming election was enlightening. We need this sort of information to guide us before we go to the polls. The fact that they are all men shows that Fiji has a long way to go. We can learn from Tui’s method of analysis and listen to and watch how these gentlemen speak and behave as the voting date draws near. The team that the party selects as candidates will reveal much about the party and the man who holds the top position. We cannot know them all, but we can gain a lot from seeing how they present themselves as suitable possible parliamentarians. The party manifestos will be interesting and we need to study them, but in the end they are the dreams and hopes that may be shattered by the realities at home and in the wider world. Seeking integrity and truth at this time of campaigning is vital. The questionable stories, and the character assassinations that already are filling our media are a warning that honesty is in danger. I do not touch social media, but hear the warnings of fake news and profiles, so beware! Every general election is an adventure, a road to travel in search of a better tomorrow. I wish all voters safe travel through this difficult terrain! Tessa Mackenzie Suva

Cracker game

Well, well, no doubt the game between the Drua and our brothers from the Moana Pasifika was a cracker of a game last Saturday. You see, critics were just doing what they do best, weren’t they? Yet the Drua once again proved that they were there not just to make up the numbers but to compete at the highest level. But please allow me first to recognise and appreciate the man whose leadership, vision, matured decision making and hard work had a major influence on that historic victory. Yes, a pup was born that day and we could all see where our rugby is heading with his kind of leadership. Congratulations Tu Meli Derenalagi. Just like your dad, I wish to say without doubt that you are now the one to look out for, the current White Shark of Fiji rugby. Too good and just too brilliant to watch. Anyway, good luck to the Fijian Drua team and once again congratulations to the White Shark. Because of you and the Drua team, we your supporters will walk with you to the ends of the Earth just to enjoy watching you play the game the angels play in heaven. Joeli Naleca Natabua, Lautoka

Better thinking

PLEASE The People’s Alliance party can’t your leader think of anything better that could bring financial growth for the government and financial benefits for the people rather than thinking of having a public holiday in memory of Ratu Sukuna and the girmitiyas? No offence intended for their sacrifices Mr Rabuka, but, just please grow up! AREKI DAWAI Suva

People can change

During the past few days, there have been many events to mark Girmit Remembrance Day. I think I will not be too far from the mark in observing that this year’s celebration has been used by politicians to insert their political ambitions in it. In particular, the selective sharing of events and comments from the past. I agree that at the individual level, people have their own perceptions and how they see out things would be their personal choice. I do not know if it came as a surprise that the 1987 coup was mentioned many times. I’d say that despite copping a lot of flak, Sitiveni Rabuka has remained apologetic and upbeat about his chances in the fast approaching general elections. Whichever way seen, I think there is one aspect which is not highlighted when reference is made to Rabuka’s past. He did not strategically choose to put in place systems, processes and people which could have kept him in power for a very long time. While we would gladly acknowledge that past events can’t be changed but the reality in general remains that over time, people can change. I think there are many among us who need to change. And it is tax free. Mohammed Imraz Janif Natabua, Lautoka

Today’s reader

It is said that today’s reader, becomes tomorrow’s leader. (FT 13/05) Will total immersion and use, of the social media, as one’s choice invariably results in a weak reader. The knowledge and understanding, of virtually everything, can only be gained through reading. Reading helps to educate and empower, and enable a person to cope with the world better. Edward Blakelock Admiral Circle, Pacific Harbour

Electric power

I think it’s about time Fiji turned to electric power to assist with the rising cost of fuel which is affecting everyone as Fiji revolves to clean and green. Along with the electric bus shuttle, Fiji should really be looking at electric cars and trains. The sugar railway along the Western corridor could be upgraded to suit electric trains with stations constructed at strategic locations from Nadi to Rakiraki as well as along the Suva Nausori corridor. This will reduce traffic congestion, lessen impurities in the air and reduce urban drift as towns develop when businesses start to boom. Traveling time would significantly drop and more and more citizens would invest in homes in peaceful rural areas along with hotels as tourists enjoy the beauty we have to offer. As for EFL, they need to look ahead and start developing solar fields with vast unused land to cater for the future demand and shut down diesel generators allowing a reduction in tariffs and thus more money in the pockets of all Fijians. Edward Kumar Lautoka

My vote

Forget about the coup and racial divide (we, the people, don’t see it). The struggles of life, poverty, and lack, deterioration of public infrastructure, roads, and hospitals including the civic service, lack of jobs, rising debts, and cost of living. Any party addressing these issues will get my vote. Hopefully, the nation’s as well. Edward Kumar Lautoka

Obvious side

Jan Nissar should not worry about candidates disclosing themselves regardless of which ever party they are supporting. He should know that many people are aware that he blows his trumpet for the FijiFirst side which is obvious. Anything coming from FijiFirst is like gospel music for him unless he has some serious issues with any particular party. Kirti Patel Lautoka

Timely inclusion

I believe Semi Kunatani and Bolaca’s inclusion in the national sevens team is a very timely one. It’s rather unfortunate that Jerry Tuwai will miss out during this leg of the series but the addition of these two seasoned campaigners will add the much needed depth in the squad. I cannot wait to see the “Beast” breaking tackles and exhibiting his trade mark moves. Pranil Ram Votualevu, Nadi

True version

Could Mr Rabuka give a true version of why and who all asked him to conduct the 1987 coup? Was his immunity discussed before or after the coup? Later on we can ask the same from George Speight and our PM Voreqe Bainimarama. Sukha Singh Labasa

Faith and credit

I refer to the criticism being made by two prominent civil society activists of the World Bank analysis of poverty in Fiji (FT 11/5). For a broader critique of the World Bank, the book Faith and Credit: The World Bank’s Secular Empire by Susan George and Fabrizio Sabelli is recommended. The book is described as “crucial reading for anyone interested in development and economy of the Third World…” It gives an illuminating insight into how regularly the World Bank got things wrong on account of its own ideological prescription. Rajend Naidu Sydney, Australia

Thank you

Thank you number 7 for your support. Allen Lockington Kava Place, Lautoka

A champion

Unkol Allen and I were invited to the Lautoka Bowling Club. The tournament was well organised by Raymond Singh and the committee. Mr Singh is a champion. Vinaka number 7. Navneet Ram Lautoka

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