Letters to the Editor | Wednesday, September 20, 2023

FIJI Water Flying Fijians players celebrate in the fi nal minute of their game against the Wallabies during the second pool match of the Rugby World Cup. Picture: MARTIN SERAS LIMA

Masterpiece in motion

69-year drought broken!

Wallabies head coach Eddie Jones is in the spotlight as the ferocious Flying Fijians left the Wallabies RWC hopes hanging by a thread and recording their first win in 69 years. The Wallabies face a win-or-die Pool C clash with Wales in Lyon after they were battered in the breakdown and conquered out wide by a brilliant Flying Fijians 22-15. Fiji hadn’t beaten Australia since 1954, and it was a thoroughly deserved victory, as the boys outplayed the 1991 and 1999 RWC 15s champions particularly around the ruck. The Flying Fijians, needing to win to stay alive, destroyed the Wallabies in all facets, proving to the world that their seventh-place ranking was no fluke. It was a Fiji master-class in the tight that proved the key difference, as the Fijians impressed. Every Fijian penalty win was greeted by huge cheers. Our scrums stood the test, although our lineouts need improvement. Simione Kuruvoli and Josua Tuisova won hearts with their performance, but the entire team deserves accolades. Our defence was a top draw. The facial expressions of the men in gold spoke of the intense battle they had lost. I was speechless as tears swelled my eyes. I saw history unfold before me — a history that could decide our fate in France. Wananavu Viti! Rajnesh Ishwar Lingam Nadawa, Nasinu

World class

Simione Kuruvoli has shown Fiji and the world what a world class player he is. Keeping his composure to slot in four penalties and his clearance kicks from inside Fiji’s 22 was a display of someone who has mastered his craft. The 15 players who took on the field blew apart all preconceptions of Fiji’s typical performance for the last 69 years. The icing on the cake was winning a penalty out of a defensive scrum in the last play of the match, that summarised the game for the two teams. Congratulations Fiji and to Kuruvoli, you’re a gem. Sailosi Naewe Naduru Rd, Nausori

Brilliant rugby

The win everyone wanted, the win everyone got. All thanks to the brilliant rugby played by the Flying Fijians. Truly a masterpiece in motion. Nadia Naaz Aslam Ba

Generation of young adults

I would like to voice my opinion about the rights given to women and children as it has been an issue in the world today. Going through headlines and news in our country and around the world, I can pick out that many of the problems faced in societies around the world is that many young girls, women and even children are at risk due to lack of justice in their country/community. Reading articles and hearing news about these types of issues makes me wonder why we are being so looked down upon or so ill-treated? Is it because many believe that women belong in the kitchen or is it the perspective of many that women are only to be doing household chores? For me this would be a wrong perspective of people because under the law we are all equal and everyone has their own rights. If only women’s voices can be heard and the word violence is not in the dictionary, children loved and all be treated fairly and just, maybe this might help a lot. But above all, may God be in all of these because I believe only God has the solution for every problem. Lilian Tawake Qiolevu Rd., Sawani

Move on from eBay scam

Time for people to move on from being cheated and duped into investment by so called eBay scammers. I hope they have learnt their lesson, as from day one I have been writing in this column about it from Australia. Similar Crypto Currency scam also exist everywhere in the world, this time they took an innocent 60,000 people of Fiji.I am not being negative, agents who were involved should be taken to task as the people believed the words of agents. Most people lost black money, left jobs to be part of it. Let’s forget about this eBay scam and think of it as a bad dream, let’s not cry over it, as it’s going be harmful to our health. Money lost can be earned again but not health, so let’s move forward and think of other ways of making life happier. Vineel Nand Martintar, Nadi

Sugar by-products

THE only way our ailing sugar industry can survive today in my humble opinion, is through diversification into proven and viable by-products, of course, after the necessary feasibility studies have been undertaken. It appears to me that the exporting of raw sugar in bulk form, is not as viable today, as it was under the protective preferential arrangement, back in the day. So it’s good to hear about the development of a refinery (Penang?) and now a proposal to produce cane syrup, by an investor (FT 18/09). This is all well and good, provided that the feasibility and marketing studies undertaken, ensures that it will be viable and profitable, as an alternative to the usual export of raw sugar. Edward Blakelock Admiral Circle, Pacific Harbour

State of roads

We read in The Fiji Times eye witness 18/9 with accompanying photo by Jonacani Lalakobau “This road at the Suva Bus Stand has been in this state for some time now”. It shouldn’t be. Not in the Capital City’s main bus terminal. It reflects adversely on the authorities responsible for keeping the road in good state. I wonder how many users of this busiest bus stand in Fiji, including school children, have been injured or their clothes dirtied on rainy Suva days when the huge pot hole fills up? Rajend Naidu Sydney, Australia

Joy of victory

Congrats to our brave warriors for the win against the Wallabies. Well done boys. It is the Bula spirit that didn’t deter you boys after the results of the last match. The confidence on the field spoke for itself. You all have proved yourselves. You all know what the Rugby World Cup win means to us. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to lift our heads up high once again. Fiji rugby is in our veins, uniting the country regardless of race, colour, education, work or political affiliation. It makes us forget our troubles and unites us and the joy of the win is shared by all who have Fiji rugby at heart. Critics are pointing out that after the announcement of incentives, our players pulled up not realising the wins our warriors achieved previously many times with nothing in return. To put it straight, they know who they are and what they are doing. Vinaka boys once again and keep that torch burning. We are right behind you, win or lose. Beautiful! Kirti Patel Mohan Singh Pl, Lautoka

Great month

What a game! Thank you FIJI Water for your great sponsorship hence the win against the Wallabies plus all those I didn’t mention. The month of September is synonymous as ‘a Month of Creation’ as per our Catholic church calendar. I believe it’s easy to understand as people sense a sigh of relief and free reigns for everyone in Fiji today. Not being restrictive to speak against government, free to play your own game, freedom from being told off from ‘Valekau’ building totalitarian reigns etc. Jioji O. Toronibau Navetau, Tunuloa

Reliable kicker

I refer to my letter dated Sunday, September 17, titled ‘Reliable kicker’, there you have it folks, rugby history has once again repeated itself. Our rugby heroes won the game by beating the Wallabies through the reliable and educated boot of young Simione Kuruvoli and of course later, Frank Lomani. Our rugby heroes are doing the impossible in France. I firmly believe that Fiji winning the 2023 rugby World Cup in France will not be an impossible feat. Malakai Naduva Malau Rd, Labasa

Rugby first

2023. The very first time a Fijian Super rugby franchise, the ‘Fijian Drua’, reached the quarter-finals in only its second year. Then, the very first time a Fijian rugby team defeats the English Rose at its most hallowed turf on Twickenham. And after 69 years the very same team, defeats the mighty Wallabies at the Rugby World Cup 2023 in Saint Etienne, France. Congratulations on the deserved wins. Flashback, 2019 the Paris 7s, wherein a rugby commentator mentioned, enthralled in his awe of the way Fiji was playing on its way to victory, that the Fiji 7s team was playing sevens rugby at “Jedi level!” One or two of those players are in the current ‘Fiji Water Flying Fijians’ rugby 15s team at the Rugby World Cup 2023 and most probably have had their Jedi abilities rub-off on the rest of the team. As the team continues to play sublime 15s rugby, the rugby world has woken up to the fact that Fiji has thrown out the window, the rugby tier strata. As our Flying Fijians and coaching panel stay grounded and have as their objective, a finals placing and win the World Cup. This would be the ultimate first and a grand year for Fijian rugby! This is the only objective. If we achieve the objective, well and good. If we don’t, it is not because we did not try, we gave it our very best. Continue with the game plan and substitute players early in the second half. You are replacing platinum players with other platinum players. Vuka Viti Vuka! Epeli Rabua Suva

BOG title

Congratulations to the spirited Babasiga Lions for clinching the 2023 BOG title. No doubt brother Rajnesh Lingam will be in a triumphant mode to celebrate Labasa’s fragrant and well deserved victory. Nothing to be taken away from the tournament’s giant killers, Navua, who certainly lived up to its “killer” tag and mesmerised fans with their brilliant display of football. Splendid performance and well done team Navua. Nishant Singh Lautoka


Well, the match was like a pressure cooker about to explode and fans were on their toes until the final minutes of the game. Congratulations to the Flying Fijians and certainly it was the Monday morning rugby fans wished for. Our hopes of progressing to the quarter-finals are alive but for now, let’s celebrate the historical victory over the Wallabies as it has been a long wait. As our men recover, let’s support them in the remaining matches as we must register as many points as possible. This pool C is perhaps the most exciting at the 2023 Rugby World Cup and the Flying Fijians are spicing things up. For now, fans can catch up on some sleep and rest well. I will certainly add BBQ kangaroo to my wish list for 2023. Floyd Robinson Micronesia

Well done

Well done Flying Fijians in beating the Wallabies. Your performance in the first two matches have delighted supporters and inspired many people around the country. Vinaka boys. Areh, go Fiji go! Wise Muavono Balawa, Lautoka

Top rugby

Fiji won two of the first four rugby matches against Australia between 1952 and 1954. On Monday morning, Fiji beat Australia for the third time, after 69 years. Although it has been quite a while, the phase of Fiji’s rugby has reached an elevated platform, where the dividends are clearly surfacing. Those who comply with adjustments, will move ahead with fulfilling goals. Samu Silatolu Nakasi

Very proud

Well done you have made us all, proud. Dan Urai Lautoka

Fiji rugby coach

You are a genius. Sukha Singh Labasa

Dignified losers

What a pleasant change to see the Australian officials and players acknowledging defeat with grace. Listening to complaints from New Zealanders and islanders after every loss over the last 25 years has become tedious. I see that the Australians have decided not to behave like spoiled school children. They simply acknowledged they did not play well enough. What a joy. For a moment I thought that I was back in Europe. Malcolm Sanders Savusavu

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