New hospital ready by 2026

Aspen Medical general manager Dr, Rigamoto Taito accompanies Deputy PM and Finance, Minister Professor Biman Prasad during a tour around Aspen Lautoka hospital. Picture: BALJEET SINGH

The new 305-bed hospital in Lautoka will be ready by 2026, says Aspen Medical chief executive officer Gavin Whiteside.

He made the comments after meeting the Deputy Prime Minister and the Minister for Finance Professor Biman Prasad, who was on a tour of the Western Division this week.

“The plan is for 305 beds and the end date we are looking at for completion is 2026, so it’s a couple of years away,” said Mr Whiteside.

“Right now we are through the design and we are going through all of the architects and input from the team within the hospital because it’s very important that the people who are going to work in each department need to be part of the plan.”

“There is no use someone planning and saying this is the hospital you have to work with.

“We have a holistic approach to our team being part of the design, the plan and then the construction. I can’t give a firm date, but we are looking at 2026 where Lautoka will have a brand new facility.”

Fiji National Provident Fund has formed a partnership with Aspen Medical to administer the Ba and Lautoka hospitals under Health Fiji Ltd, where FNPF owns majority shares.

Questions sent to FNPF on numerous occasions on the new hospital have remained unanswered.

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