On a trial phase

Vodafone Fiji chief operating officer Ronald Prasad. Picture: FILE

Vodafone Fiji is in the phase of trialling its upcoming M-PAiSA Mastercard service with a select group of customers. In a press release issued yesterday the service provider said for those who would be included in the trial, Vodafone would send them a text message on their phone advising that their number had been included in the Mastercard trial.

It said the M-PAiSA MasterCard could only be registered via the M-PAiSA App so if somebody called or messaged that they would register you for Mastercard and asked for your PIN or OTP, do not disclose your account details.

SMS Broadcasts have also been sent out to customers as a reminder to not share their M-PAiSA account details. Meanwhile Vodafone has one again reminded customers not to disclose their M-PAiSA account PIN or one-time-PIN (OTP) with anyone over the phone, via email or in person.

“This reminder comes in response to some customers receiving messages and phone calls from unknown persons posing as Vodafone staff asking for their M-PAiSA PIN and one-time password.

“A few customers have been contacted via Facebook and Messenger, asking for their M-PAiSA account details to claim financial rewards.

“All of these are scams intended to defraud you,” it said.

The company also informed customers and warned all its M-PAiSA users, that no one from Vodafone including its customer care team would ever ask you for your M-PAiSA account PIN or OTP either over the phone or via text message and email.

“The PIN must always remain a secret to the account holder. Vodafone is reminding its M-PAISA users to stay on alert and watch out for these scams and that these hoax phone calls, messages or social media posts and interactions are not facilitated by the company.

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