Rugged terrain hinders plans for water accessibility

Kia villager makes her way to a nearby creek to wash clothes. Picture: SERAFINA SILATOGA

The rugged terrain of Kia Island in Vanua Levu has hindered plans for water accessibility in the three villages.

Acting director for Mineral Resources Department Raymond Mohammed said the geology of the area, its ruggedness and the steepness of the slopes have added to the challenges of groundwater potential and accessibility for drill works.

“Like all small islands, rainfall is usually very low throughout the year which is exacerbated by their small sizes and their limited capacity to retain water on the surface and also underground,” he said.

“Surface water was available usually only flow during wet seasons and the availability of groundwater, on the other hand, is dictated by the rock types or materials that make up an island and is heavily influenced and intricately associated with saltwater.”

Mr Mohammed said the department had identified drilling sites through the geophysics survey undertaken at Daku and Ligau villages.

“These surveys produce profiles of the subsurface and provide indication of the type of materials that it is composed of and also can detect any geological structures that may be associated with groundwater storage and flow,” he said.

“However, only through drilling can the presence and the yield of groundwater be confirmed.

“The drilling conducted at the sites selected from the geophysics survey verified the profile as groundwater was present.”

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