Tausili gains valuable knowledge through PAL

Lale Tausili. Picture: SUPPLIED

Lale Tausili learnt about Peer Assisted Learning through a virtual orientation session and instantly knew he needed to register as a participant.

In the short time he joined the virtual PAL meetings, Tausili (pictured, right) admitted learning new things.

“The useful presentation by the PAL leader provided me enough tips and tricks on how to navigate PBL (Problem Based Learning), a method of teaching and learning which was very foreign to me,” he said.

“After learning so much from that presentation I was sold on the importance of being mentored and directed by another student who had already successfully experienced my current level of learning.”

“I think one of the important things is the advice that comes from a student who has been through PBL experience already. The tricks of the trade, that’s what I am mostly looking for. I can learn pathology and physiology and all that but it takes experience to know which textbooks have pertinent information or which textbook is too detailed, where to start and how to easily memorise structures of the body, all that good stuff. These small but vital morsels of experiential knowledge make PAL sessions essential.

“I think the PAL sessions are an amazing initiative, for PAL leaders to review their past notes while facilitating PAL sessions and also earn some extra cash, especially in this pandemic but also for PAL students like me who need a guide who may be more understanding of our situation given that they too are students like me.”

The 25-year-old Samoan national says there are always opportunities to learn and concedes he too will love to be a PAL leader in the future.

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