Trade unionist hopes for media support

Fiji National Union of Workers general secretary Felix Anthony in Suva on Thursday, Sep 14, 2023. Picture: JONACANI LALAKOBAU

Fiji Trades Union Congress (FTUC) general secretary Felix Anthony is hoping other media organisations can join the trade union after they organised and got the Fijian Broadcasting Corporation on-board.

He made the comments while speaking to the media after their national council meeting on Saturday. ”

It is not only about better wages, but I think it’s about dignity at work and fair working conditions as well,” he said.

“Let me say that it is a bit of fresh air that the media is now free to report and deal with issues even of a sensitive nature.

“We welcome that, and we certainly hope that will grow and not only that but all workers in this country including the media to have the right to join trade unions and exercise their rights as workers in this country.”

Mr Anthony said they would be organising a drive for workers to join trade unions and to exercise their rights.

“More recently we saw the disadvantage of not having a union in Fiji Airways, where the flight attendants who had a union were able to negotiate a return to work, but the ground staff were not able to do so because they had no union.

“They had to be dealt with differently, so that’s a good example of the disadvantages of not being in a union and having a voice.”

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