Tuiteci terminated from SODELPA

Seremaia Tuiteci. Picture: SUPPLIED

The Social Democratic Liberal Party (SODELPA) has terminated its provincial candidate Seremaia Tuiteci.

During a press conference held at the SODELPA headquarters, yesterday, general secretary Lenaitasi Duru said Mr Tuiteci had breached the code of conduct for politicians and political parties.

“Because of that, I as general secretary had advised the management board recommending termination of his appointment,” he said.

“We had got majority endorsement by the management board members. “Today (yesterday) we had drafted his termination letter, and it has been dispatched to him.

“So effectively as we speak, Mr Tuiteci no longer represents SODELPA.” Mr Duru said Mr Tuiteci had tainted the image of the party with his constant attack on members of society.

“We had exhausted all internal processes of the party to seek mediation with him and asked him to come so we can find a solution. “It seems that he is not willing, he’s not a team player.

“And he has continued with his crusade using SODLPA as a platform for his own personal vendetta.” Mr Duru said the party had written a letter expressing compliance issues that Mr Tuiteci could associate SODELPA with.

“These are a few that I could mention. The 2013 Constitution section 17.2 and section 26 on a Bill of Rights, the freedom of expression and the limits to your freedom of expression. “He is also in breach of the Online Safety Act of 2018.

“He had turned on the party and started attacking senior members of the party. “SODELPA has a social media policy and he has breached that every time he goes online.

“All provincial candidates need approval from the party leader before they can release press statements.”

Mr Duru had apologised to the people of Cakaudrove and the three schools Adi Cakobau School, St Joseph’s Secondary School and Jasper Williams High School, for the disgusting comments made by Mr Tuiteci on social media.

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