WOWS on annual budget

Members of the Stand Up Paddlers (SUPers) at the WOWS Kids event. Picture: ELIKI NUKUTABU

Walk On Walk Strong (WOWS) Kids Fiji director of finance Anabel Ali says the organisation spends about $300,000 a year to look after WOWS Kids.

She said money given was not only spent on medication, but in other areas as well.

“When a child is diagnosed it’s not just about medication and travel costs,” she said.

“It’s about their food, their whole diet changes and the whole family has to take extra precautions.” She said at times parents were reluctant to take their child to the hospital once they were diagnosed.

“Our job kicks in as soon as the hospital identifies the child.

“We make the effort to go to the family, to the village wherever they are, pick the child and ensure that the child reaches the hospital. In doing so we spend about $50,000 in a very normal year.”

She added another $50,000 was spent on food.

“Then we try and ensure that we spend money on them being able to communicate with their families back home because that’s also important.

“A child also spends close to three to six months in the hospital and it’s really tough for the families,” she said.

“We try and support with meals for the families with the parents who are living with their child in the hospital.” She added support shown by all donors was a gift for the little champs who needed urgent help.

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